Review: Folamour – I Miss Having Someone To Talk To

“The production is high-energy, almost effortlessly catchy and typical of the eclecticism of Folamour’s sound.”

In May, Folamour dropped his latest single I Miss Having Someone To Talk To. The aptly named track was created in isolation and features vocalist Liv East.

The French producer became a heavyweight in the house and disco scene following the release of his debut album Umami in 2017. The sample-heavy record was critically acclaimed, with ‘Petit Prince Du Macadam’ becoming his most-streamed track.

After his similarly well-received Ordinary Drugs record dropped in 2019, Folamour secured his spot as a sought-after booking for festivals and big venues alike. 

All this considered, there was a fair bit of hype around the prospect of a new release. I Miss Having Someone To Talk To delivered with strong jazz influences, 80s synth sounds and joyous trumpets to boot. The production is high-energy, almost effortlessly catchy and typical of the eclecticism of Folamour’s sound.

The mellow vocals of Liv East being central to the track means it lends itself to more mainstream success. Instead of a hidden gem, I Miss Having Someone To Talk To is a big-hitter, as Folamour takes the fluid nature of his sound and growing popularity in his stride.

Rather than containing the tech house melodies of tracks like ‘Ya Just Need to Believe in Yaself, where the sound sits firmly in the electronic category, I Miss Having Someone to Talk To veers into something else. Rather than growing and reaching an apex of layered intensity before dropping out like previous offerings, this release remains consistently funky, maintaining high energy throughout.

Folamour is the founder of FHUO Records.

The combination of syncopated hi-hat rhythms, smooth synth keys and a lively brass section instils hints of funk and soul classics, and it is clear that’s where Folamour’s influences were founded. This ability to move seamlessly between styles with ease is something that makes him so standout.

Speaking about the single, the French producer said:

We had the feeling with Liv East that the song “I Miss Having Someone To Talk To” resonated all the more strongly with the current situation that involves us all and that the song would make sense for many, that maybe translating all this into music would allow us to lighten the weight that we can feel today.”

Releasing new tracks produced in the lockdown period became commonplace in the electronic industry. Live-streamed sets from DJs’ bedrooms replaced the typical dance-floor and producers were forced to create from home.

Folamour’s recent Boiler Room special was a perfect example of succeeding in this, infusing worldwide samples with disco, house and funk sounds. His skilled live DJing, alongside consistently strong but diverse releases like his latest, firm his position as one of the most pertinent names in house and disco today.

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