Premiere: Jori – Untitled [PSU1002]

New digital label Portable Storage Unit (PSU) is releasing their second EP, ARCHIVE01, a compilation of artists representing different genres from around the world.

Headed by Swedish artist Bobo, PSU supplies a range of other-worldly electronica. This release, which was supposedly put together on PSU’s ‘planet Terra’, is the follow-up to PSU1001 which released in 2019 through Manchester-based SR20.

Included in this latest offering is debutant Jori, an artist from Liverpool who produces using Propellerhead’s Reason 6 software. Jori’s track ‘Untitled’ is a drifting pop cut which merges nostalgia with futurism to create a truly extra-terrestrial sound.

Jori talks about being indecisive and the lack of focus that has been a common byproduct of our new world order. The delivery is as uplifting as it is melancholic, which instils a familiar aural juxtaposition that often came out of the 80s pop scene.

Listen to Jori’s debut exclusively below via our YouTube premiere:

PSU1002 is available to buy via Bandcamp here.

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