Watch: LOWERLIPDRIP share new single & video ‘FLAWLESS’

You wonder to what extent the title of LOWERLIPDRIP’s new music video is deliberately tongue-in-cheek, or if it simply reflects the braggadocious side of hip-hop. One thing is for certain: the mantra of beauty through simplicity does not apply here.   

The artwork for LOWERLIPDRIP's new double-sided single 'V'
The artwork for LOWERLIPDRIP’s new single

‘FLAWLESS’ is a visually intense experience. Aircraft hangers, chainmail, forests, polythene curtains, candles; different settings and objects flash by in a thoroughly entertaining music video, but bizarre scenery should not disguise the potential of this exciting Chicago rap duo.

FLAWLESS video is out now via B4 label

The track has dense and muggy production in moments, which allows for the clean flow of both MCs, blackrobeBLACKROBES and Dew Haydn, to shine. Although there is certainly no drop off in terms of quality between the pair, the latter comparing themself to a “Cuban Peter Parker” is the lyrical highlight. Overall, ‘FLAWLESS’ is a guaranteed head bopper, and the wistful string and horn outro signals the duo are capable of a softer touch as well.

Even better is the single’s B-Side ‘SCANDALOUS’, a beat which is more obviously inspired by trap than classic hip-hop. The influence of Timbaland seems apparent, as glitchy and futuristic electronics combine with twisted vocal hooks to good effect.

The song’s melding of pop synths and deep bass means it walks a tightrope between something you could hear on the radio or in a club. The chorus “Can I call you up, I’m seeking for a pleasure” suggests it might be best suited for the dancefloor.

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