French-Algerian artist Sabrina Bellaouel celebrates female empowerment with new single ‘Arab Liquor’

Rising multi-genre artist Sabrina Bellaouel has released ‘Arab Liquor’, the second track taken from her forthcoming EP Libra via InFiné Music.

Sabrina Bellaouel, a French-Algerian musician
Sabrina Bellaouel blends a multitude of genres

The producer and vocalist’s latest is a woozy blend of distant vocals, spoken word and glistening keys, grounded by a hard-hitting basslines and trip-hop drum patterns that ooze defiance and power.

The track’s inspiration comes from Bellaouel’s time working at a shisha bar in London that had gender-separated floors. ‘Arab Liqour’ is a nod to her Iraqi, Saudi and Pakistani customers at the bar.

Sabrina described the creation of ‘Arab Liqour’ as:

“A big delirium! I had fun doing this piece. I was a waitress in a Shisha Bar in London for two years. The men and women each had their own floor. I could have played this song for my Saudi, Iraqi and Pakistani customers. It’s for them. Women! Empowerment!”

‘Arab Liquor’ is out now via InFiné Music

Fusing sensual vocals and delicate R’n’B, neo-soul and trip-hop sounds, Sabrina’s experimental approach to electronic music production speaks volumes on genuine talent and authenticity. With inspiration drawn from visits to the Maghreb, Paris, London and beyond, her spell-binding sonics are informed as much by her formative musical influences from Sade and Timbaland, to punk and gospel, as they are by visits to far-flung corners of the world. 

Following Illusions (2017) and Signature Pt 1 (2019), Sabrina’s recent debut on InFiné We Don’t Need to Be Enemies (2020), saw her joining label signees including revered Tunisian DJ/producer Deena Abdelwahed and La Fraicheur. Garnering acclaim from Bandcamp, The Wire, The Quietus and more, each track on We Don’t Need to Be Enemies addressed personal and social issues.

On her forthcoming project Libra, through her passionate, sincere lyrics, penned from lived experiences and deep daydreams Sabrina continues reflecting on themes including love, astrology, sex, gender, society. With a heady blend of powerful lyrics and compelling grooves, Sabrina Bellaouel is a big one to watch for 2021 and beyond, truly ascending as she frees herself from stereotypes and musical borders. 

Pre-order Libra here:

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