Review: Ouri – Shape Of It

Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist Ouri releases genre-defying new single ‘Shape Of It’

Following on from her enigmatic and sporadic releases over the past few years, Montreal based multi-instrumentalist and producer Ouri returns with her newest single, ‘Shape of It’. This follows the release of her single, ‘Fonction Naturelle’ and appearances on VA compilations alongside other Canadian artists such as Jessy Lanza and Mac DeMarco.

Multi-instrumentalist Ouri
Ouri’s talents traverse across multiple instruments and genres

Ouri’s instrumental talent strikes the listener almost immediately, with a gentle and emotive cello line forming the foundation of the track, embellished with the occasional glittering appearance of her harp playing. Ouri’s classical background is evident from the onset, and the sonic experience she conjures through her harp and cello playing alone is stimulating enough for even the sharpest of listeners.

On top of this layered and intricate instrumental sits Ouri’s ethereal vocals which really glue this track together. Her vocals feel like a seamless, single breath – a timeless, meditative sigh of reflection captured in a three minute recording.  

Shape Of It by Ouri
Ouri’s new single ‘Shape Of It’

Her composition seems to defy any notion of genre, and it is her captivating and fluid use of harmony that maintains the momentum of the track. The interplay between the cello and harp is reminiscent of that of a classical chamber ensemble, yet when fused with nu-soul and R&B sensibilities in her vocals, we are left with the refreshing breeze of something new, something cogent and something which could budge even the firmest of upper lips.

With this release, Ouri forces you to escape whatever it is you are doing and dive into her sonic world and trust me – it’s well worth the trip. 

Ouri’s new single can be bought on her Bandcamp here from December 2nd.

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