INTERVIEW: Matt Hum on The Golden Lion, starting a new label & pints with Jarvis Cocker

The Golden Lion in Todmorden is not your run of the mill pub. Located about twenty miles north of Manchester and slightly further west of Leeds, it’s not only the delicious Thai food and craft beers that set the place apart.

The kind of names, both DJs and live musicians, that have played at the venue are impressive: Andrew Weatherall, Mr. Scruff, Lætitia Sadier, Justin Robertson… the list goes on.

One young resident that cut his teeth at the pub is Matt Hum, having grown up in Todmorden but now living in Manchester. We caught up with Matt ahead of his set at Jelly Legs next weekend to talk about musical inspirations, playing to packed dancefloors once again and why Jarvis Cocker is such a fan of The Golden Lion.

Matt Hum plays at Jelly Legs in Brick Lane on July 24th

Speaking about the Jelly Legs night at Werkhaus, obviously it’s a great bill but are there any names in particular you’re excited to see?

Mainly I’d say Richard Sen and Duncan Gray, I’ve never really met those two before. I know John Paynter, I’m quite friendly with him. But Sen and Gray are big inspirations, to be on the same bill as those two is massive. 

What is it about Sen as a DJ and musician that intrigues you?

He did a lot of the early Chicago stuff and his radio shows are amazing as well, I listen to them all the time. He doesn’t have the presence that a lot of the others have and that’s what I like. You don’t hear much from him but what you do hear is always very good.

How are you feeling about the prospect of playing out again? Is it pure excitement or are there some nerves chucked in as well?

To be fair I’ve had the chance to play at The Golden Lion a couple of times recently, which is my Dad’s pub, so that kinda helps. Having that experience of playing out to people even if they are sat down can only be good. I suppose it is a slightly different thing when people are stood up and dancing though…  it’s about getting the mood right. 

You’re warming up for Sean Johnston in September at The Golden Lion, how are you feeling about that?

Yeah I’m excited but nervous. It’s been planned for about two years but just keeps getting delayed and delayed. I’ve got a massive YouTube playlist full of tunes to sift through, but yeah it will be top. I can’t wait. 

Speaking a little about The Golden Lion, how has the reopening process been going? You played there last Saturday – was that a big one to welcome everyone back or have you got other plans for after 19th July? 

Last Saturday I did it under a name called The Dreaming Room, which was a name my Dad came up with and I’ve just kinda taken it over. I’ll play anything really. Normally I play more dancey stuff but this is all genres –  it’s just sit down, get a load of your mates round and chill. Nothing too serious. 

With regards to reopening and all stuff like that, we were gonna have a residents night when the previous initial date was announced but then things got pushed back so I am not completely sure what the plan is now. But I think ALFOS will be the first big night on 11th September.

Matt recently started label Golden Lion Sounds

As far as I’m concerned Thai food + proper ales + some of the musicians and DJs that you guys book, not sure there is a better combination than that…

Yeah you need to go man! It was just an idea that Dad had, he was working in social services beforehand. It’s just taken off through local DJs really and I suppose Weatherall kind of put us on the map. He was the guy that started off the bigger DJs coming up here to play. 

Where did the idea for Golden Lion Sounds come from?

Lockdown boredom to be honest. There’s a guy called Russ Marland who works at a record store in Manchester and he used to do a night in Todmorden way before The Golden Lion called ‘Out in the Sticks’. He was big into the idea of doing a label and putting stuff out. There were a few local acts who wanted music pressed and we thought why not branch out and get some different artists as well. 

Yeah I’ve seen that Jarvis Cocker is on the next release. He seems to be a massive fan of The Golden Lion, when did he first visit?

I think it was 2 years ago now. Andy Votel runs a label called Finders Keepers, and my Dad is good mates with Andy so it’s through him we managed to get Jarvis, because they’re good mates. Jarvis liked the place when he came and we’ve become quite good mates with him since then.

You can catch Matt at Jelly Legs at Café 1001 & Werkhaus on July 24th – grab your ticket here.

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