The Noise Narrative is committed to maintaining a central position in the Black Lives Matter movement.

So much of the music that we write about and listen to is rooted in black culture, from techno to house to blues to jazz to rumba to hip-hop to dub. The list is very large, and to overlook these histories would be a great ignorance.

Resultantly, as long as The Noise Narrative is active, we will strive to educate ourselves and our community on the importance of black culture in music, and the seriousness of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wider world.

On top of this, we are also equally committed to supporting and educating ourselves on the Gay Rights, Black Trans and other movements that fight for historically marginalised groups of society. If you wish to educate yourself further on these important matters, then we suggest that you consider the resources below. Our email is always open for a chat if you would like to discuss anything or suggest more resources to add.

We actively encourage LGBTQ+, black and ethnic minority writers, DJs and creatives to get in touch with us to showcase work and become part of the community. Please get in touch with us here.