WATCH: Jazz Ingram shares official video for ‘2am’

21 year-old Atlanta artist Jazz Ingram releases his official video for April’s ‘2am’ single.

The video is directed by Japan-based visual artist Freddy Carrasco and animated by Brice Maleo, materialising Ingram’s desire to “make a video that is current but timeless”. Carrasco’s past work includes projects with the likes of Cartoon Network, Nike, Adidas and Armani, and this video certainly contains the element of longevity that these timeless names share.

Jazz Ingram is emerging from the Atlanta underground

‘2am’ is about Ingram transitioning from being “out at 2am to in at 2am”. This self-proclaimed “diary entry” reflects a common stage in the maturation process of a young adult, as they begin question the important facets of life.

Jazz Ingram’s indulgence in escapism is a fresh and exciting direction for the a new young artist of Atlanta. As a city known for its weird and wonderful musical alumni (OutKast, Goodie Mob, Ciara, T.I., Ray Charles to name a few), Jazz Ingram steps out onto an exciting and diversely trodden path as a unique prospect.

Watch now:

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