Review: Slump – Nothing More

West Midlands-based doom stoner rock quartet Slump release their debut double-sided single ‘Nothing More’ via Diaries of Doom.

The group formed in 2018 in Birmingham with a shared penchant for riff-heavy, bluesy stoner rock. With a string of live performances earlier in the year being stunted by the pandemic, Slump refocused their energy to recording.

Slump hail from the West Midlands

‘Nothing More’ is a downtempo cut that swings along hazily courtesy of a tight-but-not-too-tight drum beat. Lead guitarist and singer Matt Noble’s vocals are rife with emotion and defiance, accompanied with distant harmonies and all-consuming guitar riffs that carry the listener along.

The band don’t cruise for too long though, with a tempo change for the final section of the track. This injection of energy and organised chaos is a good move from Noble, who is exercising his diversity and quality as a musician.

B-side offering ‘Degenerate’ is one for the classic rockers – it’s upbeat and unstoppable. The quick and nifty riffs act as a bed for vocals that have a hint of Mod about them. There’s a bit of The Jam packed in here; exciting drums and abrasive vocals that give the listener freedom and release. Testament to their songwriting ability, the guitar harmonies are complex and fresh which lay great ground for an ample supply of shredding.

‘Nothing More’ is a statement debut from Slump. Yes, it’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s rock music. Potential oozes from this band, who, if this release is anything to go by, are here to stay.

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