PREMIERE: Wardown – Susurration

Technimatic’s Pete Rogers debuts Wardown project with a stunning LP rife with emotion and exploration.

Wardown LP artwork

Pete Rogers, member of drum ‘n’ bass front-runners Technimatic, has released a new project via Blu Mar Ten Music. Rogers’ new alias is called Wardown; his LP, which shares the same name, offers 8 tracks rich with nostalgia, longing and bitter-sweetness.

Rogers grew up in Luton, and this release appears more of an exploration of his emotions for his hometown rather than simply another album:

“It was my own countryside, and I loved it with an intimate feeling, though all its associations were crude and incoherent. I cannot think of it now without a sense of heartache, as if it contained something which I have never quite been able to discover”.

The LP consists of mixtape cuts recorded from his teens, recordings from deceased family, clips from forgotten documentaries about Bedfordshire’s rich free party heritage, recordings of brass bands and field recordings of the town-centre.

The result is one of a kind of beauty tinged with unabashed personal melancholy and yearning.

We are delighted to be premiering the final cut on Wardown – listen to Susurration here:

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