REVIEW: K-Lone – Zissou

It is slightly strange to think that it has taken until December for K-Lone’s first Wisdom Teeth EP of 2021, but that doesn’t mean he has been slacking by any stretch. Aside from founding his own label SWEET N TASTY to showcase “delicious delights”, over recent months the Brighton-based producer has been busy dropping tunes on Dr. Banana as well as an excellent collab with Wilfy D.

But whilst those other labels offer ample opportunity for some straight UKG goodness (seriously, try your best not to reload ‘STR8 UP’ on first listen), Wisdom Teeth has come to define itself upon a varied but coherent palette of sounds. It is in this context that Zissou stands as something of a mission statement for not only K-Lone as an artist, but the label as a whole.

K Lone heads up the Wisdom Teeth label with Facta.

The title track is underpinned by hip-hop hooks and claps, in essence approaching a ghetto house groove but with a sheen not normally associated with the genre. This is Wisdom Teeth in a nutshell – influenced by a variety of styles but interpreting them in their own lush way.

The genres that inspire this EP (garage, dubstep, 2-step) can admittedly be a little rough around the edges, but by contrast the production on this record is squeaky clean. ‘Airtight’ is an effortlessly smooth roller, reminiscent of the dreamy pads and synths that were showcased on last year’s LP Cape Cira. The record’s highlight, however, is arguably found on the flip:

Take an early Tempa tune, pass it through the Wisdom Teeth machine and ‘Deluxe’ is the kind of weapon that might come out. This song is trying so hard to be the kind of writhing dubstep track that might have inspired it, but with a lustre that these days has simply become a hallmark of label bosses K-Lone and Facta. It’s the sparsest but hardest track on the release.

Closing cut ‘Softie’ doesn’t hang around either, slinking in and out in just over four minutes of spacious dubby chords and razor-sharp percussion. A strong end to the year from one of the most exciting and versatile producers in the UK. 

Catch K-Lone live at The Waiting Room, Wednesday 8th December. Tickets available here.

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