Lia Lia releases dark electro-pop single ‘Night Call’ with accompanying video

Berlin-based artist Lia Lia has been steadily releasing a stream of brooding electro-pop singles since her debut offering ‘Olymp’ surfaced in 2017. Lia Lia’s sound takes an edgier twist on the shinier pop of her contemporaries, sounding like the darker and more daring older sister of Let’s Eat Grandma or Oh Wonder.

Despite this being only her fifth single in 4 years, she has clearly opted for quality over quantity. Lia Lia’s well-crafted sound and growing reputation earned her a support slot for Doja Cat in Berlin last year, alongside a growing international fanbase. 

‘Night Call’ is Lia Lia’s first single of 2020 and a contrast to the bouncy, glitchy electro-pop of ‘Boba Boba’ released in 2019. Reverb-drenched, hard-hitting drums complement pulsating synths topped off by Lia Lia’s chillingly laid-back vocal.

Lia Lia is an electro-pop artist based in Berlin

The theme of the song directly reverses the situation of Kavinsky’s own iconic ‘Nightcall’, with Lia Lia staying awake waiting for a lover’s message. A bassline straight from the warm analogue sounds of the 80s is surrounded by shimmering synths and arpeggios to create a sonic journey perfect for the last bus home, or a regrettable trip after dark. Lia Lia’s intriguingly soft vocals take centre stage whilst the rest of the music evolves around her. 

The tension of the music grows towards the end of the track, whilst Lia Lia assertively speaks out “Come on boy… Text me back”, daring her lover to pick up his phone as she “hates to be ignored.” The accompanying video sees Lia Lia take on a variety of forms – a self-destructive school girl, a nighttime biker and a sword-wielding warrior wandering empty toilets, classrooms and dark corridors. Although Lia Lia is waiting for a call, she makes it very clear that she is the one in control.

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